We capture the framework and principles behind your office relocation, creating strong foundations that will be essential to achieving a successful and rewarding move.


At inception, our objective is to gain a fundamental understanding of the business, the culture and establish a detailed insight into how the current workspace functions and the aspirations for workspace change. 


  • Space time utilisation studies

  • Confidential staff surveys

  • Meeting room usage reports

  • Workstation occupancy studies

Depending upon the nature and complexities for workspace change, we implement various methods and processes that highlight how the current workspace functions and where positive changes can be made.​

  • Space requirements 

  • Type of occupancy

  • Desired location/amenities

  • Required building services

  • Overall workspace necessities 

 Briefing and Vision

At the conclusion of the workspace analysis, a briefing and vision document will be created, summarising essential search criteria in advance of the property search phase. 


Assisting organisations throughout the complexities of workspace transition