Commercial Building at Night

Resource management 

We advise and recommend solutions that Manage, Monitor and Control the core elements of a building, including: Power, Lighting, HVAC, Fire and Security, Access Control, Environmental systems and networked Audio Visual equipment. 


Environmental control 

Daylight harvesting - Dim lights and adjust shades to maximise natural/ambient light 

intelligent scheduling  - Shut down building areas when not in use 

Automating climate control - Adjust environmental conditions to avoid excess energy consumption 

Reduce energy consumption 

Conserve Resources 

Reduce CO2 Footprint 

Reduce environmental impact 

Reduce energy consumption

Conserve resources 

Reduce CO2 Footprint 

Reduce environmental impact 


Working directly with you, we formulate and develop a property strategy that supports and strengthens your selection and decision process.


We capture the framework and principles behind your workspace transition and transformation, whilst accommodating COVID health and safety measures. 

Audio Visual and Communication

With a return to the workplace, providing on-going reassurance and confidence that your workspace is a safe place to work, it is important to devise a new sanitation routine.