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Transition and 


Whether you are reviewing a potential office move or looking to transform an existing space, our broad range of workspace solutions and services will facilitate your office transition or transformation.

In addition to our direct design and consultancy services, we have established a strong and integral partnership base that further supports our offering in formulating tangible solutions that can be introduced at any point during an office move or workspace change. 






Working directly with you, we capture the framework and principles behind your workspace transition or transformation. 


We get to know you, your business, what you care about, your current working practise and establish the key drivers for workspace change.

Modern Office Space




Our design teams employ the latest in office design methods and trends, adapting the design and layout of your current or future workspace in order to adhere to new safety standards.


At inception, we analyse and summarise the current functions of your workspace and determine what you want the workspace to say about you.

Stylist Modern Study




Working in partnership, our commercial property agents with specific local knowledge, will initiate the search for potential new office space, including FLEX and serviced space.


We determine the type of occupancy required, space requirements, preferred location, amenities required, transport links and desired look and feel of a potential new office location.

City Sky



and Build

Under our design and build umbrella, we work in partnership to undertake minor building works, high-quality refurbishment or a complete design and fitout of a new office scheme.

With highly experienced design, consultancy, construction and project management teams, projects of all types and sizes are delivered with professional processes and procedures throughout.

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Our highly experienced and well-established move management partner will deliver smooth and successful relocations of all sizes and complexity, with efficiency, precision and on time. 


In support of a safer and secure working environment, our move management teams can be deployed to reconfigure your space to adhere to government guidelines.

Modern Workspace


Building Systems

Building efficiency and the effective use of technology throughout, will support the psychological wellbeing of your staff, reduce energy consumption and lead to lower operational costs.

We recommend and specify solutions that effectively manage and monitor your building resources, environmental controls, audio visual systems and digital signage.

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