Relocation specialist

Our relocation specialist manages moves of all sizes and complexity, with efficiency, precision and on time throughout the UK and across a range of industries. 

knowledge and experience

our highly experienced and well-established move management partner will deliver a smooth and successful relocation. 

Move teams

Dedicated move managers will be a central point of contact for both the client and also the move management team. 


Relocation's are managed by building a strong and detailed understanding of customer requirements via well trained, knowledgeable and experienced staff

Furniture fitters

Furniture fitters with knowledge of most furniture ranges provide dismantling and re-assembly service


Storage facilities

8000 sqft warehouse located in Reading for short- or long-term storage of furniture and office equipment, redeployed as and when required

Specialist equipment

Specialist equipment such as stair walkers, roll cages, IT packing and server relocation tools are utilised to ensure a safe relocation of valuable equipment