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As the world begins to reset and we head back into our past reality, what are the benefits to a well-designed and managed green workspace? 

during the design, build and move phases, sustainable methods and processes are implemented at every opportunity.

Sourcing and policies

Sustainability can mean so many different things but essentially it’s about looking at things in a different way

Building performance and systems

Investigate current building performance, water and energy conservation features and determine the overall efficiency. 


Review the environmental and building systems, establishing if they have been maintained to a high standard and fit for purpose


Intelligent building management

Propose intelligent building management systems that manage and control energy consumption, resources and support the reduction of carbon footprint

Lighting and ventilation

Specify energy efficient LED lighting with movement sensor capability and ‘daylighting’ to create a bright and energy efficient space.


Evaluate natural light and ventilation that will reduce the need for artificial lighting and ventilation, lowering costs and supporting general wellbeing

Sourcing and policies

Recommend locally manufactured and sourced products with environmental policies and commitment to green production processes